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Manifestation privée sur terrains privés. L'organisateur se réserve le droit d'entrée.

Ensemble, respectons l'article 244 du CWATUP

 "L'usage des détecteurs électroniques ou magnétiques en vue de procéder à des sondages archéologiques et à des fouilles est interdit.
L’Administration et les titulaires d'une autorisation octroyée conformément à l'article 237 sont seuls autorisés à utiliser des détecteurs électroniques ou magnétiques dans l'espace visé par l'autorisation.
Sur les sites archéologiques, seuls les titulaires visés à l'alinéa 2 pourront être en possession de détecteurs électroniques ou magnétiques.

Rules of the rally



- The following rules must be respected, under penalty of immediate exclusion of the rally without refund.


- Limit to the survey areas defined by the organizers.


- Respect established schedules and not to prospect outside of them.


- Fill in your holes and pick up any detected litter.


(Any person not respecting this instruction will be excluded from the rally for 30 minutes at the first warning and finally at the second).


- All coins or objects forming part of buried lots belong to their inventor.



-  In the event of fortuitous finds other than those mentioned above and of interest to art, history and archeology, the Belgian legislation in force will apply and the rights of the owner of the land will be safeguarded.

- In case of withdrawal, no refund will be made except in case of cancellation by the organizers.


- The organizers decline all responsibility in case of accident. All participants declare to be insured in civil liability.


- Any discovery of explosive devices must be reported immediately to the organizers and you must refrain from handling them.


- Any sale or exchange of objects of interest to art, history and archeology is strictly prohibited during the event.


- Any form of promotion or distribution of flyers for a shop specializing in the sale of metal detectors is strictly prohibited without the agreement of the organizer. As well as the promotion of any other rally, magazine, forum or association. Failure to do so will be punished by the outright exclusion of the author (s).


- The rally is a private event organized on private land, the organizers reserve the right to expel any visitor (not invited) or participant who in their opinion would disturb the order or morality. Anyone drunk will be expelled.


- The wearing of the bracelet (which will be given to you by the organizers) is obligatory. Access to the event will only be allowed to the bearers of it.


- The organizers reserve the right to modify (upwards or downwards) the amount of prizes according to the number of participants.


-  It is strictly forbidden to film or take pictures of the event without the agreement of the organizers.                                                                                       


-The dissemination of photos and / or videos of the rally can not be done without the agreement of the organizers under penalty of prosecution.                                   


- Any reproduction and dissemination of documents and photos concerning past and future "Pascal Lebrun" Rallies is strictly prohibited without the written agreement of the organizers. Any offender will be liable to prosecution in accordance with the law of intellectual property.


 - The rooms we rent, are related to brewers. The introduction of beverages (water, soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits ...) is strictly forbidden in the rooms, bars, chests and areas of Medieval camps. Any offender will be immediately excluded from the rally without refund.


- It is strictly forbidden to drive in the vineyard area of ​​the estate


Disputes arising from the application of this Regulation are subject to Belgian law before the competent courts.