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30 editions in tribute to a friend !

In 1999, a group of friends passionate about history and the detection of leisure gathered to give life to their ideas around a structure. A few months later, the association Saint-Hilaire was born.


Unfortunately, that same year, Pascal Lebrun died tragically and will be followed by Paul de Saint-Hilaire.


Jean Marc Sirjacobs decided to continue the great collaborative work with the scientific body and the archaeological authorities to demonstrate the need for a collaborative work between lovers of recreational detection and professionals of archeology.


As a tribute to Pascal, a seasoned prospector, it was decided to invite as many prospectors as possible for a recreational day. This is how the legendary Rallye International Pascal Lebrun was born.


The initial goal was to help the family cope with funeral expenses. The following years, the Rally continued with the duty of memory, the pleasure of detection and the risk awareness related to the discovery and handling of ammunition from different conflicts.


In 29 editions, the Pascal Lebrun Rally gathered more than 8,000 prospectors from all over Europe.


Prospecting friends from all over the world, welcome to the International Pascal Lebrun Rally.